Approved Tire List

Approved tires:

  • Avon treaded vintage racing tires
  • Dunlop treaded vintage racing tires
  • Englebert treaded vintage racing tires
  • Goodyear Vintage Sports Car Special (Blue Streaks)
  • Goodyear G24 Short Track Special (Group 7 only)
  • Hoosier bias ply Street TD’s and Vintage TD’s
  • Kumho V70
  • Toyo RA1
  • Yokohama A008RSII and A008P
  • Yokohoma A032R
  • DOT street radials with a wear rating of more than zero
  • Hoosier DOT bias ply dirt stocker (BoD May, 2010)

Tires specifically not allowed:

  • BGF G-Force R1
  • BFG Comp T/A drag radial
  • Goodyear GS-CS
  • Hoosier DOT racing radial RS03 and all current variations
Approved Tire Specifications

Tires will be regulated by Authenticity, with the Group Reps. Group Reps will monitor and report an approved tire list for their race group and classes. No list of prohibited tires. Authenticity and Group Reps will use a formula of cost, compound, availability and period correctness for tire approvals. The goal is to avoid unnecessarily limiting tire choices arbitrarily.
(REVISION # 010711)

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