Driver Licensing

Due to the rapid growth of spectator and non-spectator motorsports events, the various types of facilities utilized, safety concerns and the concurrent liability associated with motorsports, Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing Corporation (CVAR) requires that all competitors be qualified, trained and licensed or be enrolled in the CVAR driver training program to participate in vintage or historic multi-vehicle competition/racing events.

Required Qualifications and Training

Information for Returning Drivers.

Any CVAR member in good-standing that is over the age of 16 years may make application for a National CVAR Competition License. To make an application for a new CVAR License, the following steps are required:

All drivers must have completed a vintage competition driving school regardless of their background. Drivers coming from other forms of racing are required to complete a vintage driving school to assist them in the transition to the “vintage attitude” of racing. After completion of a vintage driving school (completion meaning completion of the full weekend) with no incident or rule infraction, three more full weekends must be completed as a Novice driver (with no incident or rule infraction) to be eligible to make application for a license. Upon completing a CVAR driver’s school a driver will be issued a Novice Permit. It is the driver’s responsibility to have this form signed off by his/her instructor and the Chief Steward at the successful completion of the school weekend. When all three weekends are signed off, the driver must complete a CVAR License Application form. This form, with the original CVAR Physical form (medical), two passport size photos, and a check in the amount of $100 made out to CVAR are then sent to the CVAR Race Chairman for processing. Keep a copy of your Physical form for your files. The license will be issued by CVAR and sent to the driver. All VMC clubs recognize the CVAR license as a National Competition License.

Driver’s School

To enter a CVAR Driver’s School, a driver must be a current member of CVAR, present a current completed CVAR Physical Form, along with the entry form for a race prepared car that meets CVAR rules and regulations, and pass the CVAR Tech Inspection.

See school page for more info.

Following the successful completion of the school weekend, the driver is eligible to enter three more events as a “novice”. At these events, the driver will be judged by the Chief Steward and the driver’s group peers. Upon successful completion of each of these weekends, it is the driver’s responsibility to get the Chief Steward to sign off on his/hers Novice Permit.

The three weekends must be completed within a 12 month period. With three weekends signed off, the driver may apply for a CVAR license.


CVAR issues a National Competition License. As a member of the Vintage Motorsports Council (VMC), all VMC clubs recognize the CVAR license as a National Competition License. The CVAR license application and medical forms provide evidence of qualifications upon which CVAR will issue a competition license. The CVAR issued license expiration date is based on the date of the doctor’s signature and the driver’s age.

  1. Pay for your CVAR license online: CVAR License Fee
  2. Mail the following forms: CVAR Drivers License Form and CVAR Medical Form

mail forms to:
Barbara Hilton
19 La Jolla Circle
Montgomery, TX 77356