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Permanent Number (PN) Administrator – Merl Hansen –

Registration on-line is simple, fast and convenient.  Once you’ve entered your registration information, you will never re-enter it again, unless your information has changed.  In other words, once you’ve entered your medical information, your transponder number, your car information, etc., will stay in the system for the next registration effort.  You will then be able to register and pay for subsequent events with a few clicks.  If you have trouble, email the Registrar.

Registration Process

There are several paths to the registration website:

  1. Best Method.  Go to the CVAR website at  Open the “Race” menu and select “Race Calendar”. Under the event you are entering, select “Register”. That selection will take you to the login screen for “”.   or 
  2. In your browser, type in “”. After completing the login screen, the next screen has a banner beginning with “Upcoming Events”. If the month and year are current for the next CVAR event, then check that “Corinthian Vintage Racing Corp.” and “Vintage Race” are listed in the banner immediately below. Suggest setting “500+ miles” in the next field. The calendar will highlight the CVAR race dates. Select the “clipboard/car” icon in any of the highlighted dates.

Any one of these actions will start you into the registration process.  You will see a paragraph of information to read.  Check the box when you’ve read it, then click on “Proceed to On Line Registration”.

  • If this is the first time to use, suggest that the “Accounting Settings” drop down be opened. Select “Personal Profile”, complete all fields, and “Update”.  Just follow the instructions. Repeat for “Club Racing Bio Card”, Repeat for “My Garage”, do select “Show”. Additional car information can be entered; the important fields are “Displacement”, “Transponder Number”, if available “Logbook Number” and Logbook Issue Date”. It will help to have your competition license, medical information, etc., available. Once you’ve entered this information you won’t do it for subsequent events unless an update is needed. 
  • To return to the registration process, select “List” on the banner immediate below the DLB Symbol. Then select “Register”.
  • During the process, you will be able to verify/select a number for your car.  Please verify the car number you currently have been assigned for each car.  If you select a different number, we will have to change it back to your assigned car number manually.  If you are running a new car or don’t have a number assigned, email PN Administrator for a number assignment before commencing registration.
  • Select the form of entry you wish to make. Race Weekend are selected in the “Registration Information” dropdown; The rest of the information should be filled out for you if your account was setup properly. Check the rest of the information and complete the fields as necessary. If you don’t know the names of your crew, leave that field blank.
  • Select “Continue” and you will have a summary of your entry.  If the summary is correct, select the payment method you will use.  If you select “Credit Card” (preferred) you’ll be taken to a screen to enter your information.  This is a secure connection.  Enter your payment information.
  • Select “Continue”. If the screen changes to a “Checkered Flag”; That’s it!  You’re done.
  • If you select “Check” as payment method, SEND IN YOUR CHECK IMMEDIATELY.  YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED UNTIL YOUR PAYMENT IS RECEIVED.  Late fees will be enforced and are effective when payment is received, NOT when it is postmarked. 

In any case, an email confirmation of your registration will be sent.  It’s best to open the email attachment and print as the attachment has the right page breaks.  You will receive no additional mailings in connection with your registration.

 Frequently Asked Questions

The following provides information to help the entrant through the registration process.

Question:  How do I cancel registration for an event?

Answer:  Prior to on-line registration closure (10:30 pm Wednesday of race week), log on to Select “My Races”. Then select “Cancel” for the appropriate entry. You will be asked to provide a reason for the cancellation.

Question:  I need to cancel a registration after online registration closure but will not permit the cancelation. What is the procedure?

Answer:  Email either the CVAR President or CVAR Registrar citing the emergency causing the cancelation.

Question:  How can I edit my Registration?

Answer:  Log onto Select “My Races” (above the banner upper right). On the ensuing screen, select the event to be edited. Edit as needed. Don’t forget to use the “Continue” button at the bottom right of the screen. The edit is not saved to the database until you receive the “Checkered Flag”.

Question:  Is on-line registration safe?

Answer:  On line registration is as safe as any other Internet-based service.  Your privacy is protected through our agreement with the service provider.  Email addresses are not sold nor is other information disclosed. The credit card payment service is provided through one of the best-known service providers in the industry over an industry-standard secure connection.  Your credit card is also protected from fraud by your credit card provider (typically you are at risk only for the first $50 of any fraud, though you should read your agreement to verify).

Question:  I accidently deleted the email confirmation of my race entry. Whom do I contact?

Answer:  Actually, you do not need to contact anyone. Log on to dlbracing.comand select “My Races”, then “Print” for the appropriate event. The confirmation can also be saved to your computer by opening your browser “File” drop down and selecting the “Save as” command.

Question:  When does registration for CVAR’s driver’s school close?

Answer:  Registration for the school closes one week prior to online registration closure (10:30 pm, Wednesday). The intervening time period provides Chief Instructor time to perform USPS mailings and identify instructors. 

CVAR policy is to conduct a school in a spring and fall event each year. Check for the next school date.

Question:  Can I register the 2nd driver from my account?

Answer:  No. The 2nd driver must have or must create an account on Then the 2nd driver must complete a registration.

If the primary driver has not shared the car in “My Garage”, the 2nd driver must enter a false number in the “Numbers” dropdown; recommendation is 9XX. The “9” or equivalent will signal the Registrar to alter the registration.

Question:  It’s after “Early Bird Registration” closes and I need to modify my entry. Do I incur the late penalty?

Answer:  Once a registration is accepted – fees incurred, that registration can be modified without incurring penalties.

Question: What are the late registration penalties and when do the penalties begin?


  • At 7 days (10:30 pm, Wednesday) prior to online registration closure, late fee of $50 begins.
  • At Track Registration incurs a $100 late fee.

Question:  After my event registration was accepted, a schedule conflict has caused me to modify my registration. Do I need to do anything else?

Answer:  No modifications are allowed to the Race Weekend. The only option is to Cancel.

Question: On the “Information Screen”, car fields have missing characters. Those fields were re-entered in the last entry; the same omissions are still present. Why must I continue to reenter the corrections?

Answer: Corrections for car fields on the “Information Screen” do not correct the “My Garage” data. Go to “My Garage” and make the corrections in the appropriate field.

Question:  I had to cancel a registration before online registration closure, can the fees be carried over to the next event?

Answer:  Yes, your Registrar will issue an “Event Credit” that can be used in any subsequent CVAR event. Please note that you must complete the entire registration process for the next event you enter.

Question: What is an Event Credit?

Answer: An Event Credit has a monetary value and can be either open ended or event specific.

An open-ended Event Credit can be used at any subsequent CVAR event. Event cancelations (prior to online registration closure) will be an open-ended Event Credit. A credit card refund is not allowed. An Event Credit will be at full amount. 

An event specific credit must be used for the specified event; the credit cannot carry forward beyond the specified event.

Additional information about the Event Credit is available under the HELP command on Scroll almost to the bottom of the help file and select “Using an Event Credit”.

Question:  How do I determine that I have an Event Credit?

Answer:  Log onto Select “My Races”. The subsequent screen will show the Event Credit amount and date of issue. Event Credits expire 13 months after date of issue. Refunds are not permitted.

Question:  Who do I contact if I have a problem registering?

Answer:  Email the Registrar.  Please provide a description of the problem. “It doesn’t work” is not an adequate description.

Permanent Number (PN) Questions

Question:  How do I obtain a Permanent Number (PN)?

Answer:  Email a request to the PN administrator. Include a desired PN. PN administrator will assign the desired PN if available. If desired PN is not available, PN administrator will provide a list of available numbers for selection.

Inputting a car number into “My Garage” does not include PN assignment. The PN database does not communicate with your “My Garage”.

Question:  What is the advantage to having a PN?

Answer:  When registering, the “Numbers” dropdown will not show a PN belonging to another member; only you will see your PN. Even by registering early, no one can register using your PN.

PN numbers are released when online registration closes; i.e., if you haven’t registered, another registrant may use your number for this event only.

Question:  What can cause the PN system to fail?

Answer:  PN are tied to an email address. Unfortunately, the PN database does not communicate with Most PN failures are the result of changing your email address in and not notifying the PN administrator of the email address change.

Question:  If it possible to have a 3 digit PN?

Answer:  Yes, while a 3 digit PN is discouraged, the “Numbers” dropdown in includes all numbers from 0 to 999. Practice is to provide only the 0 to 99 available numbers when a PN is requested. Check with the PN administrator if your car may have period raced with a 3 digit number and thus has historical significance.

Question:  If it possible to have a 2-digit PN with a following letter?

Answer:  No, does not permit an alpha-numeric selection in the “Numbers” dropdown. If the alpha-numeric combination has historical significance, email the Registrar. The Registrar can amend your registration.

A 3-digit PN with a following letter is not permitted.