Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing is a Mid and Southwest based not-for-profit organization of about 320 members. It is run by officers and a board of directors elected by members. All meetings are open and members are encouraged to voice their opinions through their directors, group leaders, or at board meetings. Opportunities for member participation range from spectating at events to running for Board position. Members are encouraged to run their cars or volunteer their services at events.


Board of DirectorsView Board Members
CVAR Membership and VMC Licensing Barbara Hilton
19 La Jolla Circle
Montgomery, TX 77356
Car Numbers Herb Hilton
Registrar  Linda Cardenas
Regulations Chief/
Car Classifications/
Steve Coleman
Chief Steward         Danny Piott
Safety StewardBerkeley Merrill
Tech Inspection      Karl Jackson
Chief Instructor       EO Barron
Corner Workers      Kelly Cupstid
Timing and Scoring  Linda Cardenas
Championship Points Standings  Chris Kellner

Race Group Contacts

Group 1Jeff Garrett
Kevin Ford
Seth Higgins
Group 2David Lee
Stefan Schluter
Group 3John Strnad
John Williamson
Group 4Ricardo Price
Lou Marchant
Chris Kellner
Group 5 (Students)EO Barron
Group 6Angus Lemon
John Taphorn
Group 7Thomas Schluter
Bob Kramer

Website photography by Brandall Binion 1971 Autodynamics Caldwell D13 #44

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