Corner Workers

Corner workers get as close to the action as you can without a race car. Get paid to see the action while helping with the races!

$125/day to offset your travel and lodging expenses.

Please contact us for volunteering.  Corner workers get as close to the action as you can without a race car!  Learn what it is like to race from our point of view.  No experience necessary.

Saturday night party free for volunteers!


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What to Expect

You will be a worker as well as an observer. You’ll be teamed with and experienced worker so by the end of the day you should know the “what, why and how” of the Flag and Communications (F&C) function, especially a corner station.

What to Bring

A small back pack with leather gloves, sunscreen, drinking cup, sun glasses, binoculars, snacks (trail mix and the like), Kleenex, insect repellant. A small cooler with any special cold drinks you may want, a water cooler with ice will be provided. Also useful towards the end of the day is a folding chair (quite comfortable between sessions). A scanner, with a headset is very useful as well, by listening to “control” you will gain a fuller knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes to keep the event on schedule and the activities that go on during a session (limited quantity of loaners available).

Scanner frequencies: ECR  151.6250 MHz, Hallett 152.3450 MHz.

What to Wear

Long pants and shirt (cotton preferred, it doesn’t melt like synthetics if you have to assist a driver or hot car). White is not a requirement, avoid any of the flag colors – RED, GREEN, YELLOW – you know why. Comfortable boots or closed toes shoes. Depending on the season, rain suit or extra layers for wind protection. A wide brimmed hat or a ball cap for sun protection as well.

Corner Working as a Novice Requirement

The purpose of this requirement is to give the novice the experience of an essential component that helps us maintain the safest race environment possible. In order to fulfill the corner working requirement, a novice must work corners at any scheduled CVAR event for a full Saturday or Sunday.

Get familiar with the CVAR flags.

Wanna race a race car?

Get a chance to win a spot in a CVAR Drivers School and Race Weekend! Learn more about the CVAR Corner Worker Racing Scholarship Program.