Get Involved

Do you remember seeing your first sports car race back in the 50′s or 60′s?

Or do you have a longing for seeing what an old muscle car can really do on a “European style” circuit?

Whether you have an older race car “ready to race,” or you’re thinking of building that pre-1972 sports car into one, you’ve found the right place to get started. Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing (CVAR), based in the Southwest, is a group of fun loving, friendly men and women who enjoy racing vintage cars prepared the way they originally raced. Safety is paramount, the cars are the stars.

We generally race 6-7 times a year at tracks throughout Texas and Oklahoma. Come out to one of our races to watch, walk the paddock and talk with the drivers. Or for a closer view of the action volunteer to work a corner.

What does it take to become a driver?

No racing experience necessary. You just need a love for our sport, a willingness to learn, and a understanding that these are beautiful old cars so even though we are racing them the way they were meant to be, safety comes first.  Learn about the Driver School.

How do I become a member?

For new CVAR members, mandatory drivers schools are held twice a year. The school will start you off slow in a controlled environment and teach you proper driving techniques and awareness of your surroundings. Information on CVAR’s licensing procedure.

Is my car eligible to race?

If you have a car in mind look over the classification list and see what group it would be in and then go to that group’s page for further details (group pages in the information menu above).

If you are thinking of building an older sports car into a racer, please contact us first to make sure it will be eligible for vintage racing.

What about rules and safety?

Our rules generally go by the 1972 SCCA general competition rules (order a copy here), with updates for safety.

As for safety, you will need a rollbar/cage, fuel cell, 5 or 6 point afety harness, drivers suit and helmet. You should also check out our safety section.

See you at the track!