Race car groups of CVAR:

Group 1

Mustangs, Corvettes, Camaros, Cobras, V-8 powered sports racers, and other similar cars

Group 2

1275 Sprites/Midgets, Lotus 7s, Mini Coopers, MG-Bs, and other similar cars

Group 3

Formula Vees

Group 4

Group 4

Spec Sprites, Ford Thunderbirds 1955-57, Alfa Romeos 2000 to 1961, Lancia Appias, and other cars approved to run in this unique group


Group 5

Become a driver and join the students

Group 6

Group 6

Formula Fords and other Formula cars

Group 7

Datsun 240-Zs, Porsche 911s, Lotus Elans, Triumph TR-4s, and other similar cars

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