Medical Form

Vintage Racing License Medical Form: Download this form for your doctor to complete during your medical examination. Frequency of the required medical exam is listed on page 1 of the form.

For 2021, in lieu of providing updated medical information, all CVAR Drivers will be required to sign and submit a copy of the CVAR Good Faith Medical Information Agreement.

CVAR National Competition License Application

All VMC clubs recognize the CVAR license as a National Competition License.
License requirements:

  1. Completed CVAR national competition license application.
  1. Driver’s School Completion, 3 consecutive incident-free events within the past 12 months and a current medical form required.

Annual Tech Form

Take this form to a CVAR certified Tech Inspector for completion.

Annual Vehicle Technical Declaration

Complete this form online, print it out, and put it in your logbook before your annual Tech Inspection. It is your responsibility to make this form accurate in all ways.

CVAR Membership Renewal Online

Complete the online form to renew your membership. Renewal Fee: $100 (llogin may be required).