Visiting Vintage Drivers

  1. Any Vintage Motorsport Council (VMC) approved license will have full reciprocity for any CVAR event.
  2. Any recognized road racing sanctioning body including SCCA, NASA, Porsche Club of America, BMW Club, IMSA, FIA, etc. will be allowed to participate in a CVAR sponsored event subject to the following:
    1. The participant must attend a CVAR Introduction to Vintage Racing “ground school” session on Friday morning of the weekend.
    2. The participant will run with the appropriate run group beginning on Friday morning. All first-time CVAR participants in this program are required to be on track on Friday subject to their cars having mechanical issues not making such participation feasible. If the participant has not been on track on Friday, further weekend participation will be subject to the approval of the Chief Steward.
    3. The participant will meet with the appropriate Group Representative and the Group Representative will provide supervision and mentoring for the participant.
    4. The participant will receive a temporary log book and will be running under a probationary status subject to the successful completion of three (3) race weekends without incident in which case the Chief Steward will provide a sign-off.
    5. The participant will have to display “X’s” prominently on their race car until the successful completion of their probationary period.
  3. Any graduate of a three-day racing school will still need to attend a CVAR School Weekend event and complete that weekend before beginning their probationary status. If, however, the racing school graduate has been given an SCCA or other recognized sanctioning body license then that graduate will be encouraged to attend a full CVAR Racing School Weekend orientation but will be allowed to participate based on the rules outlined in #2 above.

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