Group 2

Group 2

Group 2 Representatives

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  • Gary Reed


  • F-Production (FP)
  • C-Sedan (CS)
  • E-Production (EP)
  • (GP)
  • (NC)

F- Production (FP)

Cars that ran in SCCA F-production prior to 1973. Examples are, 1275 Sprite/Midget, Lotus 7 America.

  1. 1275 cc engine is allowed in all Sprite/Midget, Lotus 7 America bodies, but not 500.
  2. Bugeye’s with 1275 cc are legal to race but not eligible for authenticity points with regard to the body.
  3. Fiberglass hoods and trunks are not allowed. Cars that have a current tech inspection may continue to run but will have a point deduction.
  4. Valve size is free.

C-Sedan (CS)

Cars that ran in SCCA C-Sedan prior to 1973. Examples are, 1275 Mini Cooper S, Alfa 1300 GT Junior

  1. Maximum engine size is 1300 cc.
  2. Maximum rim width is 6”.
  3. Mini’s may run fiberglass nose with an authenticity deduction.
  4. Battery can be relocated to the trunk.
  5. Original sub frames front and rear.
  6. Rear trailing arms should be original equipment (cast of factory fabricated steel.) No aluminum aftermarket arms.

E- Production (EP)

Cars that ran in SCCA E-production prior to 1973. Examples are, MG-B, Fiat 124 1604cc.

  1. Due to a shortage of 14”, 60 series tires, EP cars will be allowed to use 50 series tires until further notice.
  2. Valve size is free

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