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Formula Vee/Formula Vee 1

CVAR Group Three FV class will follow the preparation guidelines of the Monoposto FV Specifications dated December 2016. CVAR recognizes the ALLOWANCES listed below that modify Monoposto rules. Cars eligible for CVAR Group Three FV class include those chassis that are documented to have been built and raced prior to December 31, 1972 for FV Competition. All cars presented to compete in CVAR Group Three FV or FV1 must also pass safety tech which is separate from the preparation rules.


  1. Exhaust headers are not restricted to a single diameter design.
  2. Cars eligible are those built and raced prior to 12-31-72 except as validated through the Non-conforming Car Program.
  3. Eligible tires for CVAR Group 3 FV are the Hoosier or Dunlop model designated for vintage FV racing.
  4. Mixing of wheel sizes is not allowed, four 15×4 or four 15×4.5 wheels must be run together.

CVAR members who have a car that is not eligible for unrestricted competition in the CVAR Group 3 FV class as noted above may apply for entry into the Non-conforming Car Program unless the car is judged unable to be converted to a legal status. Currently this option is limited to continuation cars from the 1973-76 time approved by Monoposto Specifications.

Period cars from within the Monoposto time frame (1964-76) but not meeting the rules above can be approved for competition by non-CVAR members in FV1 class after passing safety tech if the car is judged to present a reasonable attempt to meet common vintage preparation guidelines. Non-CVAR cars found to be outside the performance envelope for CVAR Group Three may be disqualified from participation for safety reasons.

Monoposto FV Specifications. Here is the link:

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