Group 7

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  • C-Production (CP)
  • B-Sedan (BS)
  • D-Production (DP)
  • BSC

C- Production

Cars that ran in SCCA C-production prior to 1973. Examples are Datsun 240-Z, Jaguar XKE, Lotus Europa TC, Porsche 911, Lotus Elan.

  1. C-Production cars may use 50-series tires by BoD decision.
  2. All SCCA-homologated Porsche 911 and TVR 2500, and Lotus S-7 twin cam, run in C/P even if classed by the SCCA in B/P.
  3. All Sunbeam Tigers run in B/P regardless of engine size.
  4. XKE’s may run a fiberglass hood with authenticity deduction.
  5. Porsche 911 with 2.4 liter motor must run with factory mechanical butterfly injection. Other Porsche 911’s may run with Webers, factory injection, or Solex carbs.


Cars that ran in SCCA B-Sedan prior to 1973. Examples include, Datsun 510, Alfa GTV, BMW 2002, Lotus Cortina.

  1. Engine limit of 2000cc (up to and including 1970 GCR) or 2500cc (1971 and 1972 GCR 2.5 Trans-Am spec).
  2. Maximum rim width is 7”.

D- Production

Cars that ran in SCCA D-production prior to 1973. Examples are Alfa Duetto, Lotus Super 7, Triumph TR-4, Courier Mk.4.

  1. Any 1965-1966 Corvair may be configured as a Yenko Stinger but must retain drum brakes.

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