CVAR is proud to present our championship series. A winner will be crowned in each class, with a trophy. Trophy allotment based on number of cars entered in class during season. (up to next-to-last race of year). If less than 3 entries during season, 1st place trophy awarded. If 3 to 5 entries, then 1st place through 3rd place trophies will be awarded. If over 5 entries, 1st through 5th place trophies will be awarded. Points to be awarded for:

  • 5 points –for race entry
  • 1 point — for starting each race on weekend (usually 1 on Sat and 2 on Sunday)
  • 1 point–for finishing each race (running at finish as determined by scoring)
  • 10 points–for correct period preparation as follows:
    • 4 points –for period-correct appearing wheels and tires (60 series or taller treaded tires on production cars). 50-series OK on CP cars.
    • 3 points –for correct body configuration (no spoilers, wheel flares, fiberglass panels, etc., if not allowed in 1972 GCR and PCS).
    • 3 points — for correct engine, transmission and suspension for period. Must conform to GCR(SCCA General Competition Rules), PCS (SCCA Production Car Specifications), FIA or IMSA regulations for car period. Alternate period regulations must be provided by driver.
  • Finishing position points: For last race on Sunday or designated feature race (one per weekend).
    • 2 points –for 1st through 4th place in class
    • 1 point-for 5th and 6th place in class.

No minimum entrants required for points to be awarded. Overly aggressive/dangerous driving will be closely regulated and points may be deleted by the chief steward and/or race chairman. Irresponsible drivers may be excluded from championship or barred from CVAR events completely. Any driver found to be intentionally cheating will be disqualified from championship and subject to license suspension. For more point details see scoring info at bottom of regs.

Any car not believed to be in the spirit of vintage racing will be ineligible for championship. Vehicle Regulations Committee decision is final. It is owner’s responsibility to justify questioned modifications by having copies of regulations, photos, etc. Points may be deducted for on-track infractions as determined by race officials. In case of tie at year end,driver with most wins during season is champion. If neither driver has any wins, second place finishes determine winner, etc.

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