CVAR Protest Policy

We expect all competitors to be respectful, open, honest, and forthcoming with ALL information regarding the preparation of their cars. We will conduct all protest reviews with that attitude. Any competitor that doesn’t share this same attitude towards any member of the Protest Committee will be immediately excluded from competition by the Authenticity Chief.

Protest Procedure

If a competitor believes that a fellow competitor has a car that is not prepared in accordance with the CVAR Rules then he may file an official protest following these guidelines.

  1. By filing a formal protest of another competitor, the protester acknowledges that their car is also subject to a complete review for compliance with the CVAR car preparation and eligibility rules.
  2. The protest must be against a competitor in the same run group and car class as the one filing the protest and both competitors must be registered and participating in the same weekend event. In other words, you must be in direct competition with the competitor being protested.
  3. The protest must contain specific and detailed language describing the components or issues which are alleged to be out of compliance with the CVAR rules.
  4. The protest must be in writing and signed and delivered to the CVAR Authenticity Chief (or his designated representative) between Friday 8 am and Saturday 12 PM of a race weekend. Protests received outside of that time period will not be accepted.
  5. The protest will be considered confidential unless the protestor indicates otherwise.

Once a protest is received, acknowledged, and accepted by the CVAR Authenticity Chief, the Authenticity Chief will first verify if the subject of the protest has been declared on the competitors Authenticity Declaration Form. If it has, then the protester will be notified and the protest will be considered resolved and concluded.

If the protest is not resolved from the Authenticity Declaration Form review, the Authenticity Chief will then form a “Protest Review Committee” to include the Authenticity Chief, Group Rep, Chief Steward, and/or another knowledgeable independent member. At that point, the competitor being protested will be notified and the protested car will be reviewed for the specific rule compliance issue being protested and the Protest Committee will take appropriate action to resolve the situation under the existing CVAR Authenticity and Eligibility Policy.

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