CVAR Rules Change Process

To modify a competition rule, send a proposal via email to the Competition Committee ( by June 1st. The Competition Committee is chaired by the Authenticity Chairman, and it includes all Group Reps and any advisors appointed by the Board of Directors. Rule change proposals are reviewed on the following timeline.

June 1

Submit any rule suggestions to the Competition Committee by this deadline. Detail benefits and negative counterpoints of the change. Describe impact to performance, safety, reliability and availability. Any increase in performance will be scrutinized heavily. Proposals backed by popular member support will be favored. Providing factual supporting documentation upfront will save time and effort.

June – August

Competition Committee reviews all proposals, verifies information, asks questions and discusses concerns.


Competition Committee publishes acceptable rules revisions to general membership for comment. Members send comments to until October 1.


Accept no more general member comments after October 1. Competition Committee considers member feedback and sends recommended rule changes to the Board of Directors for review.

November Board of Directors meeting

BoD votes on proposed changes.

December 1

Final revisions published to take effect January 1.

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