Eligibility and Authenticity

  1. All cars will be checked for eligibility and authentic period preparation at the first event they run of the season.
  2. All cars are required to have on file with the Chief of Tech, an up to date Declaration sheet or they will not be gridded. Falsifying the Declaration sheet (cheating) will result in the suspension of the owner’s VMC license for a minimum of 6 months.
  3. Cars that are prepared beyond allowable modifications are required to be corrected and have authenticity points deducted or excluded from competition at the discretion of the Chief Steward, Authenticity Chairman, and the appropriate Group Rep.
  4. The items to be corrected referenced in #3 above, and a time frame for the correction, will be noted on the Declaration sheet.
  5. Once the car has been scrutinized, it need not be checked the rest of the season. At subsequent events, it will be given the same number of points assigned. When illegal/non-authentic modifications are corrected, it is the driver’s responsibility to notify Group Rep so that correct points can be assigned.
  6. If a change is made that would make the car less authentic, the officials must be notified so the authenticity scores can be adjusted.
  7. CVAR routinely pumps motors to verify compliance with the Declaration sheet.
  8. The Group Rep will spot-check for continued compliance throughout the season. If a car is found to have changed to an illegal configuration without notifying the officials, it will be disqualified from championship and driver may be suspended from competition, and/or have his VMC license revoked at the discretion of the Chief Steward.
  9. If a driver is reprimanded or disciplined for driving infractions, all championship points can be taken away by Chief Steward. Driver can also be disqualified from championship or have other disciplinary action taken.The penalty for overdriving is more than the reward for winning.

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