2021 Corner Worker Racing Scholarship Program

Corner Workers are a critical part of providing the safety and support that is required for CVAR to have a successful racing program.  Over the past few years, we have increased the daily payment to workers to $125 and, post COVID, would like to continue to improve the social experience for all our members.

In the interest of giving more back to the workers, the CVAR Board of Directors would like to announce the CVAR Corner Worker Racing Scholarship Program to begin in 2021.  The purpose of the program is to give our loyal corner workers the opportunity to participate as racers in a CVAR Drivers School/Race Weekend.

The key components are:

  • Once a year on a CVAR Drivers School/Race Weekend, CVAR will pay for two corner workers to participate in the Drivers School in a CVAR Group 3 Formula Vee that will be prepared and supported by one of our Group 3 Racing Teams (e.g. Bigger Hammer Racing and Barron Racing).  CVAR will be responsible for the payment of the rental cost to the race teams.  CVAR will also pay for the cost of the entry for the Drivers School/Race Weekend.  All included, this is an approximate value of $2,000.
  • In order to be eligible, participants must be CVAR members and must have worked a corner for a minimum of two days at a minimum of two CVAR race weekends at either MSR – Houston or Eagles Canyon Raceway during the 2021 season.  Once those criteria have been achieved the worker can drop his or her name “into the hat”.
  • From the CVAR By-Laws – “Because CVAR the Corporation issues national competition driver’s licenses through the Vintage Motorsports Council (VMC), it will be required that anyone applying for a competition permit or license must be:
    • 16 years of age or older
    • Have a current state issued driver’s license
    • Have a physical examination
    • The examining doctor must complete and sign the VMC prescribed medical form, which states that in his/her opinion the applying Member is physically and mentally capable of driving at high speed in a competition environment”
  • The winners will be able to participate in the CVAR 2022 February Drivers School.
  • All workers who meet the above criteria will be eligible.  In the event the winner does not want to participate in the Drivers School, the award can be transferred to another CVAR worker (who has also achieved the minimum participation requirement) or the winner receive a check from CVAR for $750.00.
  • The participants must sign a rental agreement with the racing team and accept full liability for any damages the race cars arising from their actions.  If the car were to fail absent any actions of the renter, then the renter would not have any financial obligation to pay for repairs.  CVAR and the Group 3 teams will use reasonable efforts to provide each scholarship winner with the necessary racing gear (drivers suit, helmet, gloves, etc.) required to participate.

In addition to reaching out to our current corner workers, CVAR is also planning to promote the scholarship program beyond current club members.  CVAR will showcase the program on social media, the CVAR website and other outlets.  CVAR will also promote the program to colleges in the Texas and Louisiana by contacting schools that have the Formula SAE program in place. 

Kelly Cupstid, CVAR’s “Flag One”, will be responsible for the program which also has the full support of CVAR’s Board of Directors and officers.

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