Historic Chisholm Trail Road Race

April 19-21, 2024

Eagles Canyon Raceway, Decatur, TX

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  • CVAR Drivers School
  • Small Bore Festival
  • Yeehaww! Mini Enduro
  • Full Schedule of Open & Closed Wheel Races
  • “Blue Flag Special” race for ALL Race GROUPS
  • Awards Banquet

Supplemental Information

Small-Bore Festival YeeHaww! Mini Enduro

When is the enduro?  The small bore enduro will be the last race of the day on Saturday.

What is an enduro?  For this event the definition is an extended feature race (in this case 40 minutes) with a 5-minute mandatory pit stop.

Who may participate?  Any closed wheel production car of 1.8L displacement or under may participate.

Is the driver change mandatory?  The stop is mandatory, but a driver change is not.  If you choose to change driver, the second driver must be registered to race for the weekend.

Can the driver refuel their own car?  Yes, but refueling may only take place under the guidance of a “fire watch” volunteer who had a fire extinguisher in hand and trained on the refueling car.  Group 1 has volunteered some members to be our fire watch team for this event and Group 2 has volunteered for the fire watch for the Big Bore Bash in the Fall.

What is the format?  Cars will be gridded according to qualifying times registered during Saturday morning’s regular qualifying session.  Once cars are under green flag racing, the driver will select a suitable time to come into the hot pit for their mandatory 5 minute put stop.  There are few restrictions as to when the stop is taken.  Any time during the 40-minute race is acceptable apart from the last 5 minutes of the race.  You must be your own timekeeper on track.  Don’t get caught out in the hot pit when the checkered flag falls.  A good strategy might be to come in during a yellow flag condition if one presents itself.  You must be lapping at the time the flag drops to be eligible to win.

The pit in Marshall (also the usual black flag station worker) will provide a time slip on pit entry (driver must stop to get this).  There will be a synchronized clock used for this.

If the driver requires a refuel during the pit stop and or conduct a driver change, they must kill the engine of the vehicle and exit the vehicle prior to refueling or changing drivers.  The driver may refuel the car themselves or have an assistant standing by on the other side of the hot pit wall to aid in the process. Do not come over the wall until the car has come to a stop.  Long pants and closed toe shoes are required for the refueling personnel.  Once the fuel cap is once again secured and the fuel jug is back over the wall, the driver may climb back in the car and belt up.  Again….no driver in car while there is active refueling taking place.

If there is no driver change and no refuel needed, the driver may stay in the car for the 5-minute stop.  40 minutes is a long race.  Have a helper with some water to drink.

Reference your time slip.  Once you have hit the 5-minute mark, drive to the pit out Marshall, where he/she will confirm you are properly belted/helmeted and will verify your 5 minutes have expired with your time slip. There will be a synchronized clock used for this. (Don’t lose the time slip!!!! A lost slip will be called in as an instant DQ to Timing and Scoring.)  The pit out Marshall will then release you to carry on lapping until the checkered flag is thrown.  Please………let’s maintain slow speeds in the hot pits.

Where are the fuel jugs and fire extinguishers left at the pitstop location?   For safety, there will be a centralized location on the cold side of the hot pit concrete wall. (see photo below of the ECR pit wall) Please leave your jug there (labeled with your name) prior to the start of the race.  Also bring one handheld fire extinguisher for the use of the fire watch volunteers. Also labeled with your name so you get it back.

How do I sign up for the enduro?  There will be a sign in sheet on the table during your registration.  The sign-up sheet will be collected at the end of registration Friday for late arrivals. 

What are the awards?  Well, if you’ve attended the YeeHaww! events before, you know the coveted Gold Cowboy Hat will be presented to the Workers Choice, but we have additional awards for the winners and…….maybe for a few stand outs…..We all know the real award is just completing the 40 minutes. The cars are the stars!

Explain the mandatory pit stop…see enduro format above.…..

Can I work on other areas of the car during the 5-minute mandatory pit stop?  In short, no.  Safety during this event is utmost.  Having other bodies over the hot pit wall wrenching is potential for an accident with cars coming and going.  If your car is broken, or limping, please take it behind the wall and back to your pits for repairs.  Your enduro is over.

Volunteers from Group 1 (we will reciprocate during the Big Bore Bash later in the year) Our Group 1 brethren have volunteered to stand by as fire watch during pit stop refueling.  Thank you, guys!  We will have one fire watch person covering a zone in the hot pit area to ensure that a fire extinguisher is trained at all times on a team refueling.  

Friday night meet and greet with Small Bore Enduro Participants and Group 1 volunteers.  We will match up a couple of drivers with specific fire watch volunteers before we get too deep into the provided adult beverages.  (Group 2 will provide a large ice chest with adult beverages and maybe a Spirit or two) This will take place at the clubhouse on the patio where we have driver’s meetings when the track goes cold Friday night.

“Blue Flag Special” race for ALL Race GROUPS on Sunday afternoon!

What is the “Blue Flag Special” you ask? It’s an inverted – Timed Grid Release race. Details will be given in the Driver’s meetings. You don’t want to miss this!

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