2021 CVAR Annual Meeting

According to CVAR’s By Laws, we are to have an annual meeting that is open to all members once a year on the 3rd Saturday of January.  Historically the meeting has been held in Fairfield, TX and we typically meet at Sam’s Restaurant and have the meeting in the adjacent Holiday Inn Express.

This year, due to COVID, we will need to cancel the in-person meeting.  It just makes no sense.  In its place, we will schedule a Conference Call/ZOOM meeting.  Also due to SCCA having a race at MSR-Cresson on the weekend of January 14th – 16th and that a number of our members plan on attending that race, we would like to reschedule the CVAR Annual Meeting to be on Saturday, January 23rd.

As we get closer to the date, we will send out call-in information on how to join the meeting to all CVAR members.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!


William Wolff