CVAR Award Nominations for 2023

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to a CVAR member who has in a fundamental way advanced vintage sportscar racing.  The nominee should be a person whose accomplishments have been acknowledged by competitors, organizers, peers, or passionate observers of the sport inside and outside of CVAR and whose past work has withstood the test of time.

Nominations come from CVAR members, and the winner is voted on by the members.  This award is not necessarily given every year.

The nominees for this award should have their accomplishments listed in the nomination. This award goes to the member who has worked to promote vintage sportscar racing and/or other types of sports car racing (e.g. SCCA, IMSA, FIA, etc.) Their accomplishments have been acknowledged by competitors, peers, organizers, or observers with the world of sportscar racing. The nominee should be well known in the CVAR community.  Past winners are not eligible.

Past winners include Reb Folbre, Charles Barnes, Bob Green Sr., George Curl, John Furlow Sr., Mike Callahan, Bob Merrill, Karl Jackson and Don Gwynne.

The (Bob) McLaughlin Trophy

The (Bob) McLaughlin Trophy is presented to the CVAR member who exemplifies the true “Corinthian Spirit.” The recipient of this award is known for his or her positive attitude, willingness to help fellow racers and overall Corinthian Spirit.

Nominations must come in writing from CVAR members and will be voted on by the CVAR Board of Directors. This award is not necessarily given every year.

The nominees for this award are individuals who have been helpful to fellow competitors, workers and continually exhibit a positive attitude. They may be fierce competitors, but at the same time continue to exhibit Corinthian Spirit. 

Corinthian Spirit is defined as, someone who is helpful to his fellow drivers and celebrates their success.  A person who doesn’t get caught up in own personal success but qualifies and races for the enjoyment of racing an authentically prepared vintage automobile; not for the glory of winning or beating a fellow driver. He or she works to enhance CVAR and the vintage racing experience for those new to the sport.  More than anything the winner is someone who truly respects their fellow drivers and workers.  Past winners are not eligible. 

Past winners include Bob Green Sr., Judy Green, John Furlow Sr., Charles Barnes, Lou Marchant, Harold Pace, Grover Mauer, Bob Merrill, Herb Hilton, and George Curl.

Green Family Worker Award

The recipient of the Green Family Worker Award is an individual who exhibits integrity and a love of vintage auto racing while working in a variety of positions during their support of CVAR events.  The winner would be someone well respected by workers, drivers, mentors, and fellow corner workers. 

Any CVAR member can nominate a person by submitting a written nomination outlining the nominee’s qualifications.  The nominee for this award should be an individual who is acknowledged as a longtime CVAR worker, has worked in a variety of positions including flagging, race control, tech, or other worker positions within CVAR. 

Nominations must come in writing from CVAR members and will be voted on by the CVAR Board of Directors.

The award was new for 2022 and the first recipient was Doug Mains.

General Information on all Awards

Nominations for each award must be submitted in writing (preferably by email) no later than March 15, 2023, to Bill Wolff at

For the Lifetime Achievement Award, voted on by the membership, all accepted nominations and qualifications will be posted on MotorsportReg by March 21, 2023, with voting ending on April 7, 2022.  

All Awards will be presented at Eagles Canyon Raceway during our April 21th – April 23rd Saturday Night Party.