CVAR Chisholm Trail Historic Road Races – UPDATED

The CVAR Board of Directors has decided to go ahead with the CVAR Chisholm Trail Historic Road Races at Eagles Canyon Raceway on April 21st – April 23rd.

There were several factors that changed over the past few days:

  • As of today, we have 93 entries.  That is much better than earlier in the week and while the event will likely not be profitable, it shouldn’t be a total washout.  If you can enter, please do!
  • Due to many people stepping up and the hard work of Flag 1 Kelly Cupstid, we believe we will have sufficient worker support to let us run the event in a safe and sane manner.  Nevertheless, if you or your friends and family can work for all of part of the weekend, please let Kelly know. Contact info is and the registration link  Worker Registration – Chisholm Trail Historic Race
  • We will not be having a CVAR sponsored party at the event and have decided to postpone the 2023 Award Ceremony to Saturday evening at the Fall ECR event.
  • We will send out an information packet early next week so please be aware of that.
  • Finally, when I cloned the information to load the event onto MSReg, I made a mistake on the entry.  The entry fee was supposed to be $550 including the cost of track insurance.  I used an earlier version which had that insurance as an option.  Please go back and include the insurance so the cost of the entry would be $550 instead of $500.  Sorry for the confusion and it won’t happen again!

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone and having a great weekend.

Monday, April 17, 2023:

Thank you to all that signed up to work at the Chisholm Trail Historic Road Races at Eagles Canyon Raceway!

Based on my conversation with Kelly this morning it appears that we have gotten enough corner workers to sign up for the event. On Kelly’s recommendation, we’re going to close registration for workers this morning.