CVAR Summer 2023 Update

We hope all of you are enjoying the summer break with friends, family and maybe even some racing in cooler climes!  I think we’re all looking forward to the second half of our 2023 season and the races coming up.  We plan on opening registration for both the Eagles Canyon and Hallett events by the middle of this week and we thought it was important to update everyone for some of the changes that you will see when you register.

Based on our research pricing for our entry fees, driver schools and social events is significantly below other racing clubs such as VSCDA, RMVR, NASA and others.  For the record, the last time CVAR raised entry fees was in 2019 and not a lot in the world has gotten cheaper since then! 

Regarding our final 2023 events, we are going with the following price structure on entries:

  • ECR Entry Fee for the 2023 Brad Balles Driver School and Races will be $600 and will include CVAR Track Insurance.
  • Thunder on the Cimarron at Hallett will be $550 and will not include Track Insurance.
  • The Entry Fee for Students for the Brad Balles Driver School at ECR will be $700 (an extra $100 to cover the cost of time and materials for the school and to help offset lost income for credits given to instructors) and will include Track Insurance for the Students.
  • For all remaining 2023 events, Early Bird Entry (aka the standard entry fee) will expire two weeks prior to the Wednesday evening before the event.  Any entry received after that date will result in an additional $100 fee.  The purpose of this isn’t to punish our members but it is intended to give those putting on the race a better idea of where things stand on entry and revenue prior to the event.
  • For all CVAR sponsored parties for the rest of the year we will require anyone attending the party to pay $20 for food provided by CVAR for the event.  “Adult” beverages will be provided by the “Over the Top” Bar & Grill at ECR at their “happy hour” prices and it will be BYOB at Hallett.  We will continue to invite our corner workers to the party without charging them.  Information on registering for the parties will be added to the MSReg website for our entries.  Wristbands will be required to attend the parties and we plan on arranging for anyone to plan at registration as well as at the door on the night of the party.

The goal of the CVAR Board of Directors is to have “period correct” vintage racing in a financially stable and member centric club. There are many vintage racing organizations and other racing clubs in which our members could participate.  We hope to continue justifying your confidence in us to provide a fun, safe and truly competitive auto racing environment.  We are committed to doing that.   

The 2nd half of our 2023 season begins with another event coming up on September 8th – 10th with the Brad Balles Races and Driver’s School Eagles Canyon Raceway and expect to have a great turnout with cooler Fall weather and our typical standard of great racing.  I’m looking forward to seeing all of you there!