Lifetime Achievement Award: Nominations Now Open

CVAR is accepting nominations for its Lifetime Achievement Award.  By way of background, this award began in 2008 and its purpose is to recognize a CVAR member who had made a significant contribution to vintage sports car racing for an extended period of time. The criteria for the award is not limited to activities within CVAR, but the individual’s contribution to vintage motorsports in general.

Nominations are to come from and then be voted on by the members.

The nomination of a candidate must include an in-depth explanation of their merits and the award should address the criteria below:

The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to a CVAR member who has in a fundamental way advanced Vintage Sports Car Racing and motor racing in general and is a person whose accomplishments have been acknowledged by competitors, organizers, peers, passionate observers of the sport within CVAR and whose past work has stood the test of time.

Previous winners include Reb Folbre, John Furlow Sr., Bob Green Sr., Merl Hansen, Mike Callahan, Bill Griffith, Danny Piott, Grover Mauer, and Charles Barnes.

The nominations will be accepted between today and the end of January in 2021. Voting will be held from February through March of 2021 and the award will be presented during the race weekend at Eagles Canyon Raceway on April 30th – May 2nd.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Bill Wolff