Nomination of 2022 CVAR Lifetime Achievement Award for J. Karl Jackson

Robert and Cindy Rogers and George Curl nominate J. Karl Jackson for the 2022 CVAR Lifetime Achievement Award.

Karl is a long-time member; he is always there to lend a kind hand. He stepped in when the club needed a Tech inspector, and he is still doing a great job today.  He also takes the extra time and helps guide new members with their safety inspections and helps them make sure their cars are safe. 

Karl has been a racer and supporter of CVAR since the early 1990’s. His enthusiasm has not faded in over 30 years. His ability to prepare and race vintage racecars was an asset to himself and other racers around him. He worked for a shop that supported several CVAR members which lead to his serving on the Tech staff. He competed successfully for many years and continues today. Since 2015, he has served as Chief of Tech and has been responsible for many innovations that have helped the club. The duties he has provided ensures the safety of each driver and the integrity of their racecar. His spirit is that which has made CVAR what it is today.

CVAR members can submit their votes on this nomination until the end of March 2022.