Register for the River City Road Races


Happy New Year and I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable Holiday Season.  Our first race this year in the River City Road Races at COTA on January 20th – 22nd.  Based on the excellent participation (over 140 entries) and very positive feedback we had following last year’s race, the CVAR Board put the COTA race on this year’s calendar.  As many of you know, COTA is a very expensive venue and we need the participation and support of the entire CVAR community to make this investment sensible.  At this moment, we have 65 entries for this race.  We appreciate that many of you have legitimate reasons for not participating.  However, unless something dramatically changes over the next few days, CVAR will incur a significant loss at this event.

CVAR needs your help, your support and most importantly, your entry.  A loss at this race in the range that we are anticipating will directly impact our treasury and our ability to put on the number and types of race weekends that we have come to enjoy.  This impact would certainly be felt for the remainder of this year and possibly beyond. 

If you can do so, please register for this event as soon as possible.  “Early Bird” registration expires this Wednesday (1.11.23) and registration closes completely on the following Wednesday (1.18.23).  The Board and the many volunteers will strive to put on a great weekend regardless of the participation level, but the club needs your support.

Thanks in advance for your entry.