CVAR Driver’s School

January 7-9, 2022

Learn more about the race school requirements and schedule.

Eagles Canyon Raceway, Decatur, TX

For 2022 CVAR has changed its usual schedule to have our opening race of the year at Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin, TX on February 11th -13th, 2022.  For a variety of reasons, having our traditional beginning of the year Driver School at COTA just isn’t going to work.  In an effort to accommodate those who are interested in joining CVAR and racing with us early in 2022 we have reached out to Eagles Canyon Raceway and have developed a program to incorporate our CVAR Driver School into their January 2022 Driver School program.

Below is the outline of the plan:

  • ECR will have a number of run groups for a variety of cars.  CVAR will be able to have separate run groups for Formula Vee and Formula Fords and can run Group 2 cars (e.g. Sprites, MG Midget, etc.) in the same session but with cars being split on track.
  • ECR will provide an expert “open wheel” instructor, Wyatt Goodwin, who will be assisted by our own CVAR instructors.
  • All participants must have either prior racing experience, such as drivers who are returning to the sport, have recent professional driver school experience or any other relevant experience or must attend a one-day High Performance Driving Education (“HPDE”) event.  ECR is planning a one-day HPDE event on December 11th at a cost of $250.00.  An HPDE participant will be able to use a street car and the only safety equipment required will be a helmet.
  • CVAR will be able to have separate classrooms at the end of the day for its own instruction and to provide our focus on vintage racing.
  • The cost of the event will be $750.00 for three days.  A detailed outline of the curriculum is attached.
  • ECR will put up links to sign up for the event following the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • ECR is going to limit the number of participants to be no more than 25 across all the racing clubs which include SCCA. PCA, NASA and others.  So, if anyone is interested it would be good to jump on the entry as soon as the link is available.
  • CVAR will handle all the pre-registration for licensing and medical information, as we usually do.

Please watch for updates on this information that will be coming in the next few days and prior to the holidays.

For those who would prefer to have the more “typical” CVAR school experience, we will also run a Driver School in conjunction with our September event at ECR.

For the latest information, visit us on the CVAR Official Club Page on Facebook.

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