River City Road Races

February 11-13, 2022

Circuit of the Americas, Austin, TX


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Join CVAR for a super weekend racing at a state-of-the-art Formula One track deep in the heart of Texas!

Load in supplemental instructions: https://dl.motorsportreg.com/e4bc8021-5043-498f-abf5-2fb69cc5c898/

CVAR COTA Rules and Regulations

New CVAR Program to provide Track Damage Insurance

The CVAR Board of Directors has decided to offer Track Damage Insurance for all participants in the upcoming River City Road Races Event at Circuit of the Americas (“COTA”) on February
11th – 13th , 2022.

  • Each race entrant will have the option to purchase Track Damage Insurance for a one-time fee of $50.00
  • The coverage would provide that person with coverage, provided by CVAR, for anydamage to the COTA facility (oil spills, barriers, etc.) over the race weekend up to $2,000.00. Any damage to the facility beyond the $2,000.00 limit would be the responsibility of the individual. 
  • Anyone who damages COTA and does not have the Track Damage Insurance would be expected to pay the full amount of any damages assessed to them.
  • The responsibility to pay for damages, beyond any insurance coverage, would be communicated as the obligation of “ladies and gentlemen” to be responsible for their behavior. 
  • Beginning on 1.28.22 and up to the time that registration for the event is closed, there will be a link on Motorsport Reg where any race entrant can purchase the Track Damage Insurance. We may allow individuals to purchase insurance at the event, but we would prefer not to have that additional burden at the track. 

If you’re interested, here is the background information behind this decision. COTA, like many modern racing facilities including Eagles Canyon Raceway (“ECR”), has decided to pass along many costs formerly considered as “normal wear and tear”, to the race organizers. The specifics of the charges related to COTA are set forth on an Appendix B to our contract and are outlined below. Given their substantial investment in these facilities and the interests of the owners to keep them in pristine condition, we think this is a reasonable point of view. The issue for CVAR is that we don’t feel it is fair for the club to incur 100% of the costs that are the result of a problem created by one individual, such as an oil spill. For example, last year at ECR we had an incident where a competitor had an engine fail and left a trail of oil for approximately 3/4ths of a mile. The cleanup for that one incident cost CVAR approximately $2,000. On the other hand, we want to be fair to our members and guests. If someone attends our event and is on a budget, getting a bill for several thousand dollars on top of the normal racing costs could be a big problem. 

We have extensively researched options to get third party insurance policies that might address these concerns, and we were unable to find any such policies. There is no uniform approach to addressing this situation. The best cost/benefit approach that we found was the plan implemented by SVRA, and we have decided to implement our version of that plan for the upcoming COTA event.

We have also researched into the costs that COTA has passed along to other organizers such as SCCA, SVRA, Edge Addicts and others. It appears, and this has been validated by COTA as well the other racing clubs, that bills for track damage on a “typical” race weekend are approximately $3 – $4,000. For SCCA that amount was confirmed over their experience with COTA over several years in which they have run for four days and had over 300 entrants.

In summary, we think this approach provides a fair approach to limit financial exposure to our entrants along with providing CVAR with reasonable financial protection.

Attached is a itemized list for COTA Fees for Track Damage Damage. Interesting and good to know.

Exhibit B Payment Summary for Damages.pdf


As of yesterday, January 26th, we have only rented six of the 14 garages that we have available for our upcoming race at Circuit of the Americas.  The garages are directly on the front straightaway and have power, cover, and internal restrooms.  The garages are very generous and can fit up to six small formula cars or four large sedans with room to spare.

We are renting them for $2,000 each for the weekend and the link to sign up for a garage is on Motorsport Reg.  Our partners for the COTA weekend, Edge Addicts, have the other fifteen garages and all their garages are rented.  We have spoken with Edge Addicts and any garages that have not been rented by next Friday (February 4th) will be offered to Edge Addicts for their participants.

Update as of 02/01/2022:

We have decided to lower the cost of renting one of the garages at Circuit of the Americas for the upcoming race weekend from $2,000 to $1,500. We have also made the decision to let Edge Addicts have the option to include up to four of our garages for lease to their entrants. The garages are located along the front straightaway and have power, cover, and internal restrooms. They are very generous and can fit up to six formula cars and four sedans. If you have already rented a garage at the prior rate, Motorsport Reg will credit your account immediately. We’re looking forward to a great race weekend and the entries are beginning to roll in!

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