2013 Board of Directors Meeting – June

June 7, 2013

Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing
Board of Directors Meeting
Conference Call
Members Present:

Roy Allen                                 Jeff Garrett
David Griffith                             Don Gwynne
Merl Hansen                             Herb Hilton
Bill Johnson                              Chalmer McWilliams
Tom Yemington

Guest Present

Bill Gardner                              George Curl

The meeting was called to order at 1213 hrs.

  1. A motion was made by Herb Hilton and seconded by  Don Gwynne to appoint George Curl interim President. Motion passed unanimously. Don Gwynne will file the necessary paperwork with the State of Texas.
  2. The March 23 and April 29th Board minutes were not approved at his time due to lack of review.
  3. George Curl asked Bill Johnson to lead the By-law Review Committee. Bill agreed. A suggestion was made to reach out to Art Summerville as a member of this committee.
  4. Don Gwynne discussed the club’s registered agent. Herb Hilton suggested that Don Gwynne use his name and address as registered agent with state. All members agreed.
  5. Chalmer McWilliams gave an update on the Marketing/Growth Committee. Very good ideas have come from the two meetings. Some of these ideas have already been acted upon.  There will be no CVAR ad in the Monterey issue of Vintage Motorsports. There was no time to act as the deadline was too close. Basically the committees are in their infancy; Chalmer will continue to chair these committees.
  6. Bill Gardner went over the results of the G2 survey. 40 respondents answered 32 questions and gave enlightening comments. Excellent data was harvested as to the desires and feelings of G2 members. It was noted that all questions came from G2 members. Tom Yemington asked if a COTA question had been asked. Bill explained there was not a COTA question submitted. Roy Allen discussed the cost of entry to COTA was much more than our membership was used to paying. A comment was made that COTA may be a “bucket list” race for our members. The survey elicited many good comments from the G2 members and Bill Gardner encouraged the board to take time to read them. Chalmer Mc Williams thanked Bill for his efforts and complemented him on the percentage of respondents.
    1. Don Gwynne also conducted a survey of G7. He received 21 responses. The results will be sent to the board shortly in the following formats: PDF, Excel and MSWord.
    2. Bill Gardner asked what would be done with the survey now that it was submitted. Chalmer responded it was his desire when the request was made to gather survey information specific to each group and the steps from there.
    3. Bill agreed to help the other Group Reps gather the necessary data.
    4. Roy Allen addressed the rule change procedure for rules change request resulting from the G2 survey. All rule changes must go through the published rule change procedure as listed on our web page.
  7. George discussed a General Membership survey.  The General membership survey needs to be global in nature (View from 30,000 ft). A request was made to the board to submit questions in yes/no format. It is very important that questions be poised in a non-biased manner to elicit non-biased answers. This data will be used to determine the direction the club will take in the future.
    1. Question; who should receive this survey? It will be sent to all members. The first question will differentiate between competition members, workers and friends of CVAR.
    2. Chalmer restated the proposal to let everyone have input into the direction of the club.
    3. George outlined the time line for  this survey:
      1. Questions submitted by June 15
      2. Dry run to the board on June 25
      3. Posted to membership July 1
      4. Taken down July 14
      5. Board review July 20
      6. Results released to membership Aug 1
      7. Tom Yemington stressed we need to over communicate to the membership that they will asked to fill out two (2) surveys: One group specific and  one general membership survey.
  8. Herb Hilton gave an update on management changes at ECR.
  9. Herb Hilton and Roy Allen volunteered to continue looking for a replacement At-large board member to fill the spot vacated by Jay McClanahan.
  10. Being no more business before the board, a motion for adjournment was made by Herb Hilton and seconded by all the meeting was adjourned at 1259 hours.