2016 Board of Directors Meeting – Special Meeting

October 24, 2016

Request for Board Meeting

  • On October 19th, Scott Barrett requested a BoD meeting to introduce a motion to make the -2 Cars a permanent addition to Group 2 in order to persuade other -2 car owners to invest in putting their cars on track with CVAR.
  • On October 19th, Herb sent notice to the BoD of an email based meeting to occur on October 24.
  • Prior to the meeting, an email discussion ensued between Russ Rosenberg, Bill Gardner and Steve Smargassio, who had recently been nominated as the next Authenticity Chairman to replace Bill Gardner.
  • On October 20th, Steve Smargassio sent an email to members of BoD asking to delay this action in order to give him time to implement his own ideas to bring -2 car into compliance in Group 2.

Board Meeting, October 24, 2016

On October 24th Herb called the meeting to order and introduced Scott’s motion as follows:

  • In an effort to increase participation, CVAR created CS2, DP2, EP2 and FP2 to provide classes for 1972 or earlier DP, EP, FP or CS cars that are no longer competitive in SCCA events but have been prepared to a version of the GCR later than 1972 Prohibitions within the following guidelines:
    • Existing CVAR Group 2 cars may not be modified beyond the 1972 GCR
    • No tube frame “silhouette” cars are allowed.
    • No change in location to engine, transmission or differential (No rear wheel drive Mini Coopers)
    • Examples of allowable post-1972 GCR modifications:
      • Alternate transmissions with same number of forward gears
      • Coil-over suspensions
      • Crank fire ignitions
      • Full fiberglass flared fenders
      • Disc brakes replacing drum brakes
      • Tires and Wheels: Must conform to 1972 PCS for width and diameter Allowable CVAR DOT tires only
  • Larry Reyburn seconded the motion via email.
  • Russ Rosenberg voted No (to await Steve’s ideas)
  • Scott Barrett voted Yes
  • Larry Rayburn voted Yes
  • Don Gwynne voted No (to await Steve’s ideas)
  • Bill Gardner voted No
  • Jeff garrett Voted No (to await Steve’s ideas)
  • Steve Seitz voted No (to await Steve’s ideas)

Herb closed the meeting via email noting that the No vote had carried and no action is to be taken at this time.