A Message from The Morgan Adams Foundation

Good evening Bill!
I hope this finds you and Mac doing so very well – and everyone in CVAR too!

I am back from Italy (GREAT trip and much needed) and had dinner with Jamie last week – to which he brought along the CVAR donations from the Hallett race.   THANK YOU – and will you please extend our sincere thanks, too, to all of CVAR?   I’m SO very glad that the club is still interested in working alongside MAF for our kiddos and we all were particularly grateful to you and the Board when the contributions were doubled – thank you SO much!

We have continued to fund our Texas researchers, and in particular our Houston doc, Rachael Sirianni, is seeing significant progress in understanding metastatic spread of several cancer types along fibrous tissue spaces through the work we’ve funded beginning with CVAR dollars (this work continues to have implications in many adult cancers alongside the peds work she is studying, actually – particularly breast cancer).   She’s also having some very positive successes with her nano-particle drug delivery vehicles, which are a big passion of mine since if we can get them going, they will seriously decrease the overall toxic burden we put into our kids bodies.  The nano-particles are in early stage, but their potential for making a massive difference in overall quality of life for any and all patients – adult or peds –  is so huge we believe it warrants the continued investment.

I love following along with the club through the FB page/s and am so happy that our relationship continues.   I would really appreciate it if you would please share with the club our immense gratitude for their continued support – both through CVAR actions and also by coming up to join in the RMVR RAKC fun!  We really enjoy our time with your club members, and had I been in the country, I would have been at Hallett to be with you all!  I’m seriously bummed that I missed it. 

Bill, thank you and the whole club for continuing to support MAF, truly.   I would love to continue to explore ways to work together, but most important to us is for everyone to know how much we appreciate them – and that our support of Texas, our kids and families there, and our researchers, continues unwaveringly.

I look forward to making it out to a race soon – and until then, our very best to the entire club!

Take good care!  

Executive Director

The Morgan Adams Foundation