Background on 2023 Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing Schedule

Please see our 2023 Schedule attached.  We would also like to point out a couple of things that factored into the decisions around this schedule.  

  • In our partnership with Edge Addicts for our COTA race, we were limited by those dates that worked for Edge Addicts.  If Edge Addicts didn’t have enough of a gap between them and any other HPDE run group, then they couldn’t agree to terms.  The only date in the early part of 2023 that worked for them was the 3rd weekend in January and that became our race date.
  • Once that date was set, it became clear that without making some changes we would have a gap of two months until our next race event.  That didn’t seem like a good idea to the Board.  We reached out to a MSR – Houston, MSR – Cresson, Lou Gigliotti from G2 Motorsports Track and Eagles Canyon Raceway.  We also considered NOLA in New Orleans.  The feedback was as shown below:
    • MSR – Houston did not have dates available in the first part of 2023.  They did have some mid-summer dates available and possibly late in 2023 which didn’t work very well with our calendar.  They did indicate they were open to discussing things for 2024.
    • MSR – Cresson did not have any available dates in 2023 but also said they were open to discussing things for 2024.
    • G2 Motorsports Park’s business model is focused on providing running opportunities for its members and not as a “retail” racing facility.  They may have some “special events” but that hasn’t been finalized.  There are also questions as to whether the facility would have a sufficient paddock footprint for a race event such as CVAR requires.
    • Eagles Canyon was open to adding a new event in late February and was quickly able to get back to us confirming the date.
    • Another possibility that has been floated for several years was trying to schedule an event at the NOLA track in New Orleans.  When discussing things with organizations who have run events there, things got complicated.  Apparently, the facility and the ownership of the track gets high marks.  The downside is that most organizations, including CVAR several years ago, have found that they struggle to get entries for an event.  For example, earlier this year SVRA put on an event at NOLA and the total vintage entry was less than 50 cars.  We just didn’t think that was a good option for our club.
  • Based on all the above, the Board felt adding the February date for Eagles Canyon made the most sense for the club’s members.
  • Nevertheless, the Board is totally open to having further discussions with all the tracks mentioned to see what opportunities exist for 2024 and beyond.
  • Another change from previous years is that we no longer have any connection with SVRA regarding their event at COTA at the end of the year.  For a variety of reasons and especially since we now have our own COTA race, we don’t believe maintaining this connection provides any benefit to our members.

The CVAR Board’s only focus is to provide a fun, competitive, financially responsible, and safe racing environment for our members and guests.  We believe the 2023 Race Schedule is in keeping with that goal.