Cancellation of Annual Meeting

After consulting with the CVAR Board of Directors, we have decided to cancel the CVAR in-person annual meeting for 2022.  The meeting had been scheduled for Saturday January 22, 2022, at the Holiday Inn and Suites Waco Northwest from 12:00 Noon until 4:00PM.  As we all know, the Omicron COVID virus has really taken off in the last few weeks.  A month ago, the average daily rates of new cases in Texas was around 3,500.  Just 30 days later, the daily average is approximately 65,000.  The original plan was to have all of us in a 1,600 SF in-door meeting room and we think the situation has changed to the extent that it no longer makes sense and isn’t worth the risk to our members.  The BOD has decided that as much as we would all enjoy having everyone get together, we would be better putting this off for 2022.

We will be sending out information in the next few days with call-in information for the “virtual meeting” in the next couple of days.