Earlier this year, I had a conversation with Jeff Hall, the President of Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing (“RMVR”) about ways that we might be able to help both organizations.  He informed me that RMVR has moved their traditional Fall Event at Pueblo, CO to let their members participate in our event at Hallett on October 8th – 10th.  One of RMVR’s big events, their major fundraiser for the Morgan Adams Foundation (“MAF”), which has attracted several CVAR racers and members is their event scheduled for July 30th – August 1st at High Plains Raceway.  The RMVR and MAF websites are below.  RMVR will waive their $75.00 membership fee to CVAR participants who would like to run in that event.  They would also request that the participants consider turning that $75.00 savings into a contribution to the Morgan Adams Foundation. 

We don’t require RMVR members to pay anything extra to participate in any of our events.  But, to help both organizations work on a “win-win” basis, CVAR would agree to contribute $75.00 per RMVR entrant at Hallett to MAF.  In the world of RMVR, MAF is very important to their club and Jeff believes that his membership would very much appreciate us making that effort.

For several years CVAR did work with the MAF at MSR Cresson and Texas Motor Speedway.  While the structure of those events didn’t really work for either party, I think MAF is an excellent organization doing valuable work and I would like to be able to contribute to them.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


William Wolff