Brad Balles Races and Drivers School

September 8-10, 2023

Eagles Canyon Raceway, Decatur, TX


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Brad Balles Races and Drivers School
Eagles Canyon Raceway, September 8-10, 2023

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Registration information

Registration Update for the Drivers School: Due a mistake on registration timing, the entries for the upcoming CVAR Driver School at Eagles Canyon Raceway were cutoff on last Wednesday evening.  We had intended to keep the entries for Driver School open until next Wednesday, August 30th.  Beginning today and through August 30th, the entry fee for the Driver School will be $800. Again, sorry for the confusion and please let us know if you have any other questions.

  • ECR Entry Fee for the 2023 Brad Balles Driver School and Races will be $600 and will include CVAR Track Insurance.
  • The Entry Fee for Students for the Brad Balles Driver School at ECR will be $800 (an extra $100 to cover the cost of time and materials for the school and to help offset lost income for credits given to instructors) and will include Track Insurance for the Students. 
  • For all remaining 2023 events, Early Bird Entry (aka the standard entry fee) will expire two weeks prior to the Wednesday evening before the event. Any entry received after that date will result in an additional $100 fee.
  • For all CVAR sponsored parties for the rest of the year we will require anyone attending the party to pay $20 for food provided by CVAR for the event. We will continue to invite our corner workers to the party without charging them. Information on registering for the parties will be added to the MSReg website for our entries. Food and drink tickets will be required to attend the parties and we plan on arranging for anyone to plan at registration as well as at the door on the night of the party.

Registration for the Awards Party

When we put the party registration on MSREG we didn’t consider that there would be people wanting to attend the party not tied to registrants and therefore wouldn’t be able to sign up.  Sorry about that!  To address that situation, in conjunction with ECR Management, we have planned for party registration on the weekend to be handled by Becca Kelly (C: 860.462.6611 email: ) whose office is in the Clubhouse at ECR.  Anyone interesting in attending, not already registered, will need to make their payment, and get their tickets from Becca no later than noon on Saturday, September 9th.  All CVAR workers are welcome and will need tickets for food and beverage services.

For the latest information on the party, please see the Supplemental Information (below).

Supplemental Information (includes information on the Party):

For the latest information, visit us on the CVAR Official Club Page on Facebook.

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